"Your struggle is part of your story"
  • Trying to keep his spirit alive as long as possible….

  • I lost my best friend today….

  • Sometimes you make mistakes that you can’t undo….

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    Happy Friday! Feeling good about the weekend? Just don’t flip out on us now. Thanks to staffer Pete Bridson for the great shots!

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  •    Learning to trust and let go of the past… Remembering to breath and take things as they come. Believing their are still good people in the world, and that when someone says to trust them… to try and trust them……  I pray that this time i did not give up what i value  the most in this world for nothing…

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    Did you know that green sea turtles are a bit of an enigma? They travel far and wide, riding currents across the open ocean. Females return to the same beach each year, using magnetic clues as a map back home. They live to be a remarkable 80 years old, and our two are at least 50!

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